Teaching Experience


  • Statistics at Barnard College (Fall 2019)

  • Lab in Social Psychology at Barnard College (Fall 2019)

  • Introduction to Psychology at New York University (Summer 2014, Summer 2015)


Teaching Assistant


  • Analysis of Change at New York University (Spring 2015; Instructor: Dr. Patrick Shrout)

  • Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences at New York University (Spring 2013, Fall 2014; Instructor: Dr. Elizabeth Bauer)

  • Statistics and Experimental Design at Bates College (Spring 2008, Fall 2008, Spring 2009; Instructors: Dr. Amy Bradfield Douglass and Dr. Susan Langdon)

  • Health Psychology: at Bates College (Fall 2008; Instructor: Dr. Susan Langdon)


Workshop Instructor


  • Heart Rate Variability at New York University (Fall 2017)

  • Multilevel Modeling and Power Analysis at New York University (Spring 2014, Summer 2016)

  • Introduction to Psychophysiology at University of Hamburg (Summer 2013)


Guest Lecturer


  • Research Methods in Social/Personality Psychology (PhD course) at NYU (Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Fall 2018); Topic: Psychophysiology; Instructor: Dr. Madeline Heilman

  • Summer Brown Bag Series for Undergraduate Research Assistants at NYU (Summer 2018); Topics: Psychophysiology and Navigating Graduate School

  • Social Chameleons at New York University Abu Dhabi (Spring 2017, Spring 2018); Topic: Psychophysiology; Instructors: Dr. Jay Van Bavel and Dr. Tessa West

  • NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates: Center for Behavioral Statistics and the Study of Motivated Perception at NYU (Summer 2016, Summer 2017); Topics: ANOVA and Correlation; Instructors: Dr. Emily Balcetis and Dr. Tessa West

Mentoring Experience and Student Accomplishments

Supervisor of Undergraduate Honors Theses at New York University


  • Allie Degen (2019): The influence of power and dyadic race composition on perceptions of dominance.

  • Oana Dumitru, (2018): Goal conflict in student-tutor interactions.

  • Chloe Chan (2018): Physiological linkage in dyadic, cross-cultural communications.

  • Mina Mathur (2018): Performance of racially diverse women in negotiations.

  • Siena Rumbough (2017): Power: Does leadership help me understand others better?

  • Odile Rodrik (2016): Female appearance, perceived intelligence, and social interaction in STEM.

  • Aya Cheaito (2016): Anxiety attributions in interracial interactions: Examining the role of incidental source attributions on anticipated liking, negative mood and memory biases.

  • Julie Cachia (2015): What’s holding you back? The role of internal versus external obstacles in mental contrasting with implementation intentions.

  • Megan Hoch (2015): The effects of mental contrasting with implementation intentions on achievement of activity and mood improvement goals.

  • Alexandra Gorski (2015): The effects of false feedback on goal commitment.


Awards/Grants Earned by Research Assistants and Honors Thesis Advisees


Thesis Awards

  • Oana Dumitru, recipient of 2018 Hillary Ann Citrin Award for Best Departmental Honors Thesis

  • Odile Rodrik, recipient of 2016 Doris Aaronson Award for Outstanding Departmental Thesis Research

  • Julie Cachia, recipient of 2015 Doris Aaronson Award for Outstanding Departmental Thesis Research


Research Awards (for Exceptional Research Proposals)

  • Gaelin Bernstein, 2016 Liebman Family Research Scholar at NYU

  • Allie Degen, 2018 J.S. Sinclair Research Scholar at NYU

  • Andrew Kelly, 2014 Peggy and Bernard Sakin Research Scholar at NYU

  • Max Needle, 2018 Sigal Family Research Scholar at NYU

  • Sinclaire O’Grady, 2015 Joseph Gilbride Research Scholar at NYU

  • Odile Rodrik, 2015 Dr. Evan and Brooke Kaye Research Scholar at NYU

  • Emily Schwartz, 2016 J.S. Sinclair Research Scholar at NYU

  • Recipients of College of Arts and Science Parents Research Scholar Awards at NYU: Eliana Aronson, Mina Mathur, Robert Newman, Tarika Nalwa


Research Grants

  • Recipients of Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund Awards, NYU (approximately $1000 each): Eliana Aronson, Gaelin Bernstein, Chloe Chan (2), Aya Cheaito, Sydney Cohen, Allie Degen (2), Oana Dumitru (3), Faariha Faheem (2), Willow Frederick, Alexandra Gorski, Dory Gurinsky, Andrew Kelly, Romina Krosnyak, Fannie Law, Tarika Nalwa, Max Needle, Robert Newman, Maria Machline, Mina Mathur (2), Sinclaire O’Grady, Odile Rodrik, Siena Rumbough (2), Emily Schwartz (2), Lauren Veznedaroglu, Julia Wallace, Marisa Wolff


Travel Grants

  • Oana Dumitru, recipient of a 2017 Diversity Undergraduate Travel Award from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology