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Lab Members

Lab Director

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Katherine Thorson

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Barnard College. I recently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at NYU, where I also earned my PhD in psychology, with a major in social psychology and a minor in quantitative psychology. I received my BA in psychology, with a minor in dance, from Bates College.

Broadly, I study interpersonal interactions. I examine questions regarding interpersonal communication and influence, as well as physiological correlates of these processes, by studying face-to-face social interactions. I capture psychological, behavioral, and physiological processes as they naturally unfold over time, and I develop and employ novel analytic techniques and new methods for physiological and behavioral measurement.

Research Assistants

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Talia Rosen

Talia Rosen is a Junior at Barnard College, majoring in Psychology and Human Rights. She grew up in New York and is so excited to be exploring this fascinating field during her time as an undergraduate. Talia has been interested in psychology for as long as she can remember and has always found social psychology especially interesting. She is planning to graduate from Barnard and pursue a degree in psychology before working as a psychotherapist. Talia is thrilled to be working with such a talented and dedicated team!

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Posey Cohen

My name is Posey Cohen and I am a junior at Barnard College studying Sociology, with minors in both Psychology and Education. I am originally from Evanston, IL, right by Northwestern University! My research interests within my major and minors focus mainly on the college admissions process in the United States and how it affects low-income and first-generation students. Outside of academics, I am a college counselor through Matriculate. I also am a dancer and actress and a member of dance and theatre groups on campus as well!

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Nia Simmons

My name is Nia Simmons, and I am a current junior at Barnard College. I am originally from New Haven, CT, but I am so appreciative that I have been able to call New York City my home for the past few years! I am working towards completing a major in Sociology and a minor in Psychology with the hope of having a career in either law, education, or another public interest field in the future!

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Carolina Jimenez

Carolina Jimenez is a sophomore at Barnard College originally from uptown NYC studying Neuroscience & Behavior and Human Rights. She is interested in the ways social interactions and systems impact not only our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, but our physical and mental well-beings. Outside of academia, she enjoys cooking, listening to music, and caring for her plants!

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