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Study Opportunity

Summer 2022: We are conducting a paid, one-hour study on Zoom for current Barnard students. During this study, you will interact with another participant over Zoom, and your conversations will be video-recorded so that they can be analyzed by our research team. You will also answer some questions about yourself and the person you interact with. 


Payment: You will earn $20 in an online gift card after completing the study. You will also be entered into a lottery. Three people will be randomly selected from this lottery and will earn an additional $50 each. 


More info about the study:


**Please note that this is a study with another research participant, who is depending on you to show up at this scheduled time. We ask that you please be respectful of other students’ time and show up to the study on time.**

To participate in this study:

  1. You must have Zoom downloaded on your computer.

  2. You must have a laptop or desktop computer on which to complete the study - you cannot do this study on a phone or tablet.

  3. You must have a high-speed internet connection (for example, you cannot be on public wifi or using a mobile hotspot). 

  4. You must have a webcam so that you can be seen on video. 

  5. You must have a private location in which to complete the study - no one else can be in the room.

  6. You cannot wear a mask during the study.

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